Who is Nicolas Moy?

Hi! My name is Nick and I am a Cloud Security and Application Security engineer based out of Florida. Before diving into such a niche field in technology, I started out as a pre-medicine major in college with big dreams to become a pediatric cardiologist. Later, I learned that surgeons don’t really have a life outside of the hospital, so I turned to IT as the second best option and found myself naturally curious about information security, especially cloud security.

The Purpose Of This Blog

I created this blog to share my thoughts and notes on certifications, education, IT careers, etc.
I know… There are plenty of others on the web who are sharing their two-cents on how to pass the latest AWS certification, but to be honest, sometimes their notes are outdated, hard to come by, or just simply bad.
On the other hand, I have been feeling the urge to start a blog for years and now I finally found the time and the topic to write about that will hopefully bring you value as you are pursuing your education and career in cloud engineering and cybersecurity.

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