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Welcome to my website!

My name is Nicolas Moy but you can call me Nick.
I am a cybersecurity professional specializing in blue team (defensive security 🛡) for financial organizations and the government. My technical emphases is in security for cloud environments and application development but over the years I've managed to pick up a thing or two in other cybersecurity domains 😄.

New Here?

I'm happy you've come. I'm designing this site as a resource hub for all sorts of content that will benefit you in your pursuit to a cybersecurity career. Please leverage the resources below as a starting point.

Free Study Resources

✍️ Monarch Security Academy - Discord Server
This is a free Discord server for anyone wanting to network with myself or other up-and-coming cyber professionals. This server will be utilized for current and future courses published.

🔴 YouTube Channel - Nicolas Moy
On this channel you will find weekly videos where I talk about building your career in cybersecurity, pursuing certifications, and even free certification courses.