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Start Your Career In Cybersecurity 🚀

CYBERPRO Accelerator 👾

Since 2017, I've worked with thousands of students wanting to transition into cybersecurity but lacked the skills and mentorship to succeed. Which is why for the first time I am launching an all-inclusive Cybersecurity Mentorship Program and opportunity to work with me and my team to help you transition into Cloud Security and DevSecOps. Click below to learn more.
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Cybersecurity Consulting 👨🏽‍💻

CYBERPRO SOLUTIONS is a Managed Security Services Provider offering cybersecurity consulting and risk management services to organizations across the United States. For the first time, we are officially offering our 17 years of cybersecurity expertise and support to companies across markets and industries to help them protect and scale against growing challenges in the digital age. Click below to learn more.
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YouTube Channel 🎥

Looking for FREE cybersecurity training and career advise? Check out my YouTube channel where I offer free tips and advice to help you grow in your cybersecurity career. Click below to learn more.
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