Life Update - July 9th, 2022

Life Update - July 9th, 2022


Hello friends,

I know it's been a while and I've been thinking of you all over these past couple of weeks.

To say things have been crazy would be an understatement. Since the layoff that took place in mid-May, my wife and I dealt with a few additional life adjustments that have had attention away from content creation and instead, focusing on urgent family demands.

To give a few examples, it wasn't terribly long after the layoff that my whole family (wife and 4 kids) caught RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) which can be pretty rough on the little ones and only treated with rest and home remedies.

Our second youngest who is 2 had it so bad that he needed to go to the ER so that was a bit concerning.

Around this time, we also realized that part of what was causing some other illnesses in my wife was due to a mold issue in our rental home. Which catalyzed an entire move to another home.

Luckily, with me needing to find a new job we found this to be a opportunistic time to relocate and did manage to find another home in the Tampa area. We move in officially on July 15th (...and I cannot wait!).

Since my last post and given all of these rapid life events I've had time to ponder on everything and have decided that I want to continue to work in the cybersecurity workforce for other firms.

I took time interviewing at FAANG and Big 4 organizations, along with a few smaller Fortune 500s. Out of the bunch, I was offered an opportunity with Ernst & Young where I will be serving their Attack Surface Management team as a Senior Manager over Cloud Security and Application Security (DevSecOps).

I am excited and extremely grateful for the opportunity.

As I prepare for this transition, I plan to make many more videos and pick up the blogging thing on a more regular cadence.

While I can't make any promises that I'll get to this at any point in time, I do want to express that each of my subscribers on both YouTube and my Blog have been heavy on my heart and I very much look forward to being able to get back on the camera and speak to each of you again.

Once I've settled into the new home office I will be sure to get back online and make myself available to each of you.

I pray all is well to each of you and look forward to speaking with you again soon.