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Becoming a cybersecurity engineer can be a daunting endevor if your just starting out.

When I decided to take the plunge into cybersecurity exclusively in 2017, I had an idea on what I wanted to specialize in (cloud security) but didn't quite understand what all that meant, what it included and what it didn't include.

I would spend a lot of time researching on Google and various social media platforms for guidance but most of the time what I could find related closer to penetration testing (Ethical Hacking) or becoming a security analyst.
I was fortunate to work with good people at the time that had a better distinction between the cyber domains and were happy to mentor me to get my questions answered.

but that isn't the case for everyone...

So I've created this page as a resource to point you to blogs, vlogs, and other educational resources that'll teach you more about the cybersecurity domains you are interested in. Happy learning!