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Cybersecurity Specialties

Cybersecurity Specialties
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If you are interested in cybersecurity, a great place to begin this journey is to get an understanding of the professional landscape for cybersecurity. In this article, I am going to aggregate a list of cybersecurity specialties you can choose to learn more about as you find your niche of interest.

Note: This page will be a living document which include continuous changes over time as the demands for cyber talent change. Be on the lookout for the 🔥 emoji to identify specialties that are in high demand.

Let's begin...

1) Application Security 🔥

In 2021, the rise of application-based cybersecurity attacks are increasing faster than other mediums. With organizations having to make shifts to a virtual working environment, the dependency on applications, both internal and third-party are increasing more now than ever. That shift in the technical landscape also raises question to the increasing demand for Application Security talent to help organizations (especially their developers) protect their applications.
Average Annual Salary:$136,209

Free Online Resources:
PortSwigger Web Security Academy
OWASP Top 10 Project
Web Application Security Testing with OWASP ZAP

Paid Online Resources
PluralSight - Web Application Security Path
SANS Web Application Defender

2) Cloud Security 🔥

As mentioned above, the shift in moving infrastructure to accomodate remote workloads while maintainining high uptime has increased exponentially in 2020 and moving forward in 2021. Cloud security professionals are needed to understand the inner workings of the cloud to advice technical teams on managing data protection and technical safeguards. Like Application Security, this specialty in cybersecurity isn't going anytime soon!
Average Annual Salary:$135,834

Free Online Resources:
AWS Security Fundamentals Course
AWS Security Hub Primer Course
Azure Security AZ-500 Course (Free)

Paid Online Resources
A Cloud Guru
Azure Security AZ-500 Course (Instructor-Led)
SANS Cloud Security

3) Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking)🔥

Penetration testing, otherwise known as ethical hacking is the art of getting paid to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in systems and organizational processes. Out of all the cybersecurity specialties, this one is probably the most 'sexy' but comes at a steep cost for technical expertise. Don't let that discourage you, there are plenty of online resources to help you get up-to-snuff.
Average Annual Salary: $117,884

Free Online Resources
HackTheBox Labs (Free)
TryHackMe Labs
Kali Linux Course

Paid Online Resources:
Pentester Labs
Offensive Security Courses & Certifications

4) Information Systems Security (Governance/Compliance)

Information systems security officers (ISSOs) are cybersecurity professionals who specialize in regulatory standards and requirements. Their job is to bring an organization's technology up to the standards they need to be at in order to not only protect the sensitive data they are working with (think federal/government data) but also avoid any fines that an organization can incur due to poor handling of such sensitive data.
Average Annual Salary: $108,686
Online Resources: Soon to come!

5) Digital Forensics

The field of digital forensics plays a pivotal role in crime investigations and helping organizations understand what went wrong and how they can do better next time. As a digital forensics analyst, you'll be investigating system logs, comparing timestamps of end-user or threat actor actions in order to determine the full picture behind the scenes. Digital forensics analyst typically present these evidence findings to law enforcement in order to help close investigations and criminal cases.
Average Annual Salary: $67,213
Online Resources: Soon to come!

5) Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security 🔥

Industrial Control Systems Security Professionals are experiences in protecting (ICS) in critical infrastructure and key resources to cities and metropolitan areas. These resources may include but not be limited to electric power grids, gas containment and processing facilities, water treatment plants, chemical plants, and more.
Average Annual Salary: $136,268
Online Resources: Soon to come!


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