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Happy Sunday, Friends!

Welcome to the very first article I write as part of the TLDR Newsletter. For those of you who might have been subscribed for some time, I apologize for the long-awaited emails. If you'll forgive me, I think overtime you'll see some value in sticking around 😉.

What's New

Personally speaking, I just moved into a new house. This has actually been the very reason why I have been so terribly absent from YouTube, Discord, and social media in general. We recently closed on a new home so for about two months there my life was packed away in boxes while we work through all the technicalities of the move. Regardless, I'm working through it and managed to unpack enough of my home office equipment to hop on here and write this post. Home office tour video will be coming in the very near future.💥

A minor change was just released to the CISSP exam and the scoring of their tested domains. Historically, the popular (ISC)² cybersecurity certification exam, gets a few changes every two to three years. These changes occur normally in it's question database to reflect current threats and knowledge pillars required by cyber professionals. In the 2021 version of the CISSP exam students will receive a +1% increase in questions regarding Software Development Security domain, and a -1% decrease in the Communication and Network Security domain. (ISC)² states "Updating the CISSP exam, or any (ISC)² exam for that matter, begins with a Job Task Analysis (JTA). We sent out JTA survey invitations to all CISSPs in March of this year asking for your input on the certification’s current domains and subdomains, as well as for feedback on what might be missing from the current blueprint".

Favorite Things This Week

Sonos One has been a pretty impressive speaker for day-to-day music listening needs. Its portable, it has Alexa and Google Home built in and you can AirPlay it from any Apple device. I'm no audiophile but the bass and sound quality has been pretty amazing compared to the generic speakers I've been listening to. I'll probably go ahead and buy more of these Sonos speakers for the rest of the house :p

And that wraps up this brief article on TLDR Newsletters. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. I like making new friends 😊.

See you next week,

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